Doll Measurements

  • Height : 100cm/3.28ft
  • Bust : 60cm/23.62inch
  • Waist : 36cm/14.17inch
  • Hips : 60cm/23.62inch
  • Weight : 17kg/37.47lb
  • Arm Length : 38cm/14.96inch
  • Leg Length : 47cm/18.50inch
  • Feet Length : 17cm/6.69inch
  • Shoulder Width :28cm/11.02inch
  • Mouth Depth :10cm/3.93inch
  • Vagina Depth :16cm/6.29inch
  • Anal Depth :14cm/5.51inch


Lisa is a 100 cm premium lifelike sex doll that is similar in size to a real-life woman, so she looks and feels like a real human. The difference here, however, is that she weighs only 17 kg and has flexible, freely movable joints and limbs. These features make it easy for novices to maneuver her into many desired positions. lisa’s waist was also designed with flexibility in mind, so users can easily hold her while using her, but not leave any marks on their bodies afterward, as she doesn’t leave any bruises or redness during use. This ensures that our sophisticated customers can have maximum fun without having to worry about any unsightly marks left by the impractical materials often used in other products on the market.

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