Life Size Sex Doll Measurements

  • Height :138cm/4.52ft
  • Bust :63cm/24.80inch
  • Waist :65cm/25.59inch
  • Hips :95cm/37.40inch
  • Weight:33kg/72.75lb
  • Arm Length :51cm/20.07inch
  • Leg Length :76cm/29.92inch
  • Feet Length :16.5cm/6.49inch
  • Shoulder Width :37cm/14.56inch
  • Mouth Depth :10cm/3.93nch
  • Vagina Depth :16cm/6.29inch
  • Anal Depth :14cm/5.51inch


Patty, a 138cm premium black TPE sex doll, with her small stature, shiny black skin, and short white hair, took things to new heights with her curvaceous figure and the fact that she matched the “as real as possible” concept with a completely lifelike chest. The height! because it adds more life to the doll, and even though we know it’s really a surreal experience, we’re probably fascinated by how pretty it makes Patty look! Whether you want something realistic or something more fantasy-based, this seems to be for you.

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