Doll Measurements

  • Height : 163cm/5.34ft
  • Bust : 97cm/38.18inch
  • Waist : 66cm/25.98inch
  • Hips : 110cm/43.30inch
  • Weight : 48kg/105.82lb
  • Arm Length : 50cm/19.68inch
  • Leg Length : 76cm/29.92inch
  • Feet Length : 21cm/8.26inch
  • Shoulder Width : 37cm/14.56inch
  • Mouth Depth : 13cm/5.11inch
  • Vagina Depth : 18cm/7.08inch
  • Anal Depth : 17cm/6.69inch


Priscilla is a 163 cm premium curvy TPE sex doll with wavy brunette hair that goes down to her shoulders and huge E-cup breasts. With her pretty features and perfectly curved body, she is well proportioned and has the most typical Korean appearance any man or woman could wish for. With a medium head, small lovely features, and cute little eyes, Priscilla is beautiful in every way you can think of! There are no limits to what you can do with her when she arrives at your place, but do remember that it is your responsibility to keep her clean – after all, Priscilla was made to fulfill your sexual fantasies, so as long as she is properly taken care of afterward, everything will run smoothly.

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These Are Real Reviews From Shoppers

  1. Emery


    Its exactly as described and portrayed. If this sells quick I will be buying more.

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  2. Sonny

    Sonny (verified owner)

    The doll is nice, It does not have that TPE weird smell, but a sweet scense. Nice overall. Recommended store and dealer.

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  3. Leonard


    The doll is perfect size and exactly what I was hoping for, very beautiful, however this doll is honestly way heavier than u going to expect but a great value tbh, btw the outfit it came with sucked honestly was happy that I had order some better outfits in advance

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  4. Michelle

    Michelle (verified owner)


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  5. Lydia

    Lydia (verified owner)

    Before this seller, I tried others. In one case I was very unsatisfied received different doll from my order. In another case quality of the TPE was very bad and the doll ruined after just one month. This seller is the best.

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  6. Remona


    This is a real good copy of a really nice sexy looking gale. Your products are so real its like she’s come to life thank you very much china I really like this doll. GOOD JOB TO YOU ALL.

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  7. Alannah

    Alannah (verified owner)


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