Size Chart
Material: Medical-grade TPE
Length: 21.26 inch / 54cm
Width: 6.30 inch / 16cm
Bust: 10.24 inch / 26cm
Waist: 14.17 inch / 36cm
Hip: 11.42 inch / 29cm
Penis Length: 7Inch / 18cm
Thick Penis: 1.77 Inch / 4.49cm
Weight: 15lb / 6.8kg

Having a man with toned pecs and abs is every girl’s dream, and this 18cm large penis torso sex doll for women can fulfill all your sexual fantasies, with a 15lb weight torso thickness allowing for more sexual stimulation, that wet figure also comes with a huge butt and a flat base! So you can take him anywhere you want to experience sex, from fun bathroom antics to doggy-style fun on the living room floor, and you’ll be alone with your partner for the best orgasmic sensations ever!

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