Size Chart
Material: Medical-grade TPE
Height: 5.44 ft / 170 cm
Shoulder Width: 14.54 inch / 37 cm
Bust: 33.8 inch / 86 cm / F-Cup
Waist: 22.79 inch / 58 cm
Hip: 30.65 inch / 78 cm
Mouth: 6.68 inch / 17 cm
Anus Depth: 5.9 inch / 15 cm
Vagina: 6.29 inch / 16 cm
Functions / Features: Mouth, Vaginal, Anal
Weight: 110 lb / 50kg
Brands: JY DOLL

Introducing Amaris, your Premium Lifelike Love Doll, an American beauty with a captivating charm. With her short blonde hair and big boobs, Amaris is a vision of sensuality and allure. Her role as a wedding boss adds a unique allure to her persona, making her a desirable companion.

Amaris’ exquisite face, coupled with her silver heels, enhances her overall appeal. This premium love doll offers a range of customization options. Choose from a variety of skin colors and nipple sizes to personalize Amaris to your liking, making her truly unique.

Amaris is not just a sex doll; she’s a source of companionship and intimacy. For those feeling lonely or isolated, she provides a sense of comfort, helping to alleviate feelings of loneliness. She also offers a safe space to explore and fulfill sexual fantasies that may not be possible or ethical in real life.

We offer two shipping methods for your convenience: shipping by sea and by air. This ensures that Amaris arrives at your doorstep ready to provide companionship and comfort.

Experience the allure of Amaris, your Premium Lifelike Love Doll. She’s not just a doll; she’s a companion, a source of pleasure, and a testament to the beauty of companionship. With Amaris, you’re not just buying a doll; you’re investing in a unique, satisfying, and customizable intimate experience.