Size Chart
Material: Medical-grade Silicone
Height: 5.12 ft / 160 cm
Shoulder Width: 10.22 inch / 26 cm
Bust: 31.44 inch / 80 cm / C-Cup
Waist: 22.79 inch / 58 cm
Hip: 34.19 inch / 87 cm
Mouth: 6.68 inch / 17 cm
Anus Depth: 7.07 inch / 18 cm
Vagina: 6.68 inch / 17 cm
Functions / Features: Mouth, Vaginal, Anal
Weight: 116.6 lb / 53kg
Brands: Piper Doll

Introducing the captivating Annalise Premium Silicone Real Sex Doll (160 cm), a seductive companion designed to fulfill your deepest desires. This exquisite doll is adorned in alluring pink erotic lingerie, accentuating her irresistible curves and enticing your senses. Standing at a life-size 160 cm, Annalise is ready to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

With her long, flowing light blonde hair cascading down her back, Annalise exudes an air of elegance and sensuality. Her jeweled necklace adds a touch of glamour, enhancing her allure and making her the center of attention. Whether you’re seeking solace after a recent breakup or simply craving companionship, Annalise is here to offer you solace and pleasure.

Annalise’s shy personality adds an element of mystery and intrigue to your encounters. As you explore the depths of your fantasies, she will guide you through a world of pleasure, ensuring your desires are met with utmost satisfaction. Her gentle nature and willingness to please make her the perfect partner for those seeking a more intimate connection.

Crafted from premium silicone, Annalise’s lifelike texture and realistic features will leave you breathless. Every inch of her flawless body has been meticulously designed to provide an authentic experience, allowing you to indulge in your wildest sexual fantasies. Her soft, supple skin invites your touch, while her perfectly sculpted curves entice you to explore further.

With Annalise by your side, the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild as you embark on a journey of passion and pleasure. Whether you’re looking for a companion to share intimate moments or a muse to inspire your deepest desires, Annalise is here to fulfill your every need.

Indulge in the ultimate sexual fantasy with the Annalise Premium Silicone Real Sex Doll (160 cm). Experience the thrill of a lifelike encounter, where your desires come to life and your satisfaction knows no bounds. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure you deserve – embrace the allure of Annalise and unlock a world of pleasure unlike any other.

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