Size Chart
  • Height : 168cm/5.51ft
  • Bust : 83cm/32.67inch
  • Waist : 63cm/24.80inch
  • Hips : 84cm/33.07inch
  • Weight : 38kg/83.77lb
  • Arm Length : 60cm/23.62inch
  • Leg Length :91cm/35.82inch
  • Feet Length : 23cm/9.05inch
  • Shoulder Width :37cm/14.56inch
  • Mouth Depth :Non
  • Vagina Depth :21cm/8.26inch
  • Anal Depth :14cm/5.51inch

Avis is an Asian premium real sex doll with all the features you would normally associate with a young Japanese girl. Her charming eyes are black, she has a slender figure, her black hair adds a touch of exoticism, and you can imagine how cute this gorgeous sex doll must be – especially since she is designed to resemble a Japanese schoolgirl! In addition to her sweet physique and stunning beauty, Avis is also very intelligent. Literate from a young age, having read countless books and being highly educated, she is also very attractive in casual clothes and can dress up as anything you like depending on your mood.

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These Are Real Reviews From Shoppers

  1. Shayla

    Shayla (verified owner)

    The material is soft, delicate, smooth and tender

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  2. Jacquie

    Jacquie (verified owner)

    Tori doll

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