Size Chart
  • Height : 150cm/4.92ft
  • Bust : 72.4cm/28.50inch
  • Waist : 51.8cm/20.35inch
  • Hips : 85.7cm/33.74inch
  • Weight : 37kg/81.57lb
  • Arm Length : 46.7cm/18.38inch
  • Leg Length : 75.2cm/29.60inch
  • Feet Length : 18.8cm/7.40inch
  • Shoulder Width :30.8cm/14.56inch
  • Mouth Depth :14cm/5.51inch
  • Vagina Depth :18cm/7.08inch
  • Anal Depth :16cm/6.29inch

At 150cm tall, Bess would seem small to you. However, her attractive small breasts and sexy hips tell a different story: she has a 72-51-85cm figure with a cartoonishly cute face! Her body has 24 motor joints. She also has an internal skeleton made of durable metal, so she can maneuver in many ways and positions. Her 18 cm hole can accommodate almost any man-size. Her oral depth is 11 cm; if you like intense sexual pleasure, she will undoubtedly please you! And her anal depth reaches 15 cm deep. Bess has warm, charming eyes with thick lashes that accentuate her natural beauty. With plump red lips that are petite yet sinful, any man who sees her will attract attention.

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