Size Chart
Brand Name: Toysheart
Skin color: Nature
Functions / Features: Cunnilingus, anal sex, real private parts, built-in skeleton, real size
Vaginal Depth: 16 CM
Anus Depth: 16 CM
Net Weight: 6.5 KG
Package size: 45* 30* 20 CM

discount sex doll torso is a young innocent girl with an amazingly large ass and incredibly smooth skin that exudes confidence in every move she makes. Because of this, torso sex doll turns heads wherever she goes, enabling her to get whatever her heart desires. And because you love her so much, at such a small size, her tight vagina feels even tighter around your big cock, and her plump ass allows you to thrust freely without fear of causing any permanent damage to your love doll, while still maintaining the high level of pleasure you’ve come to expect from your new love torso toy!

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These Are Real Reviews From Shoppers

  1. Matthias

    Matthias (verified owner)

    Very good quality, it corresponds exactly to the picture. I took it with the standing option and no difficulty to make it stand on its feet. Of very good quality, it corresponds exactly to the image. I took it with the standing option and no difficulty to make it stand on his feet.

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  2. Xndoll customer

    Xndoll customer (verified owner)

    Did a good job keeping the package discrete. But I did not receive the product that was shown on the website. The photos of the torso on the website that I ordered was clearly a different product than what they sent me. Quite deceiving and disappointing. Planned on purchasing other items including a doll but definately not now.

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  3. Killian

    Killian (verified owner)

    Wow, this thing is amazing. Looks great & feels better than I expected, incredible even, so close to the real thing it’s surprising.

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  4. Rayan

    Rayan (verified owner)

    Discreet packaging. The material is of a higher quality than expected feels great. good value for money.

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  5. Dakota

    Dakota (verified owner)

    excellent seller the merchandise is quite expected excellent product arrived in no time … thanks

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  6. Ambrose

    Ambrose (verified owner)

    Astonishing attention to detail

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  7. Rosa


    “Doll shipped quickly and was delivered in 2 days- package did not indicate what was inside, so yes, it was 100% private for those who wonder on the packaging. Once opening the box, the doll was very securely packaged in dense foam and plastic coverings. Once it was out, and the wig and clothing placed on, it looked just like the add pics! Normally when buying something thats “”lifelike”” the item(s) look no ware near what was shown. In this case, from head to toe, everything was spot on. My hat off to the mold maker, very beautiful face, can barely see the seam line on the body.
    So far, all the joints are still tight and hold up on their own, they have loosened up just a tad so movement is easier. Overall, I am 100% pleased with this, especially for being my first one! If this one at any point needs to be replaced, I will not hesitate to buy from this company and seller again!”

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  8. Robby


    This is very very realiable. Definitely going to buy again!

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