The Dual Function Sex Doll Stand is designed to support your Love doll in a standing position and make it easier to change its clothes or maintain it. The stand has a padded cover to protect your adult doll’s crotch area from damage.

There are two types of the Dual Function adults Doll Stand; the first one supports the weight of the sex doll and the second one has an additional function of being able to rotate 360 degrees.

The Sex doll stand advantages:

  1. The height adjustment is simple and convenient for your sex doll display, and the dual-function stand allows for a better view of the legs especially when wearing cheongsam pants, than the single-function stand.
  2. The stand is easy to assemble, disassemble, transport, hide, carry, and use for routine maintenance and wardrobe changes for your sex doll.
  3. The Dual Function Sex Doll Stand is simple and beautiful. Once adjusting the direction of the waist support, only a smooth pipe can be seen on the front, and there is no adjustment screw exposure, which is convenient for photo editing and retouching.
  4. The saddle is strong and sturdy, not easily deformed due to the sex doll’s weight. The angle is appropriate to adequately support the weight of most sex dolls, and the cloth cover is made of thick and soft fabric, which will not damage your sex doll.

How to use the crotch single stand:

  1. Lower the stand height slightly, then place your sex doll directly above the stand.
  2. Spread your sex doll’s legs slightly apart, then raise the stand to support the crotch, have the saddle rest flush against the crotch, and tighten the adjustment screws.
  3. Finally, adjust your sex doll’s posture to the desired position.

How to use the waist double stand:

  1. Adjust the height of the stand to support your sex doll’s waist or underarm
  2. Adjust the position of your sex doll’s heels and place your sex doll against the stand.
  3. Utilize the included positioning/support belt for additional support.

The Dual Function Sex Doll Stand parameters:

  • Support bar height: 63-110cm adjustable.
  • S1 Without Wheels Waist Card: without wheels saddle models bracket base diameter 38CM, recommended height: 135-170cm. note (dolls do not exceed 42kg)
  • S2 With Wheels Waist Card: Base diameter 45cm, remove the wheels can also be used, four wheels, with independent brakes.
    Waist Card Shape: Sex dolls with a height of 100-163cm are more suitable to use. (If a sex doll with a height of 155-170cm needs to be used, it is recommended to use a belt, which has a better stabilization effect)
  • R1 – Without Wheels: Base 30×40 Lumbar Saddle
  • R2 – Chassis 38×50 with Wheeled Lumbar Saddle
  • R3 – Adjustable height of stand:63-110CM , Base size:38×50 , Suitable for dolls up to 42kg with standing function , Waisted form: suitable for height 100-170CM , Drag down form: suitable for height 135-172CM
  • N1 Model – Neck Brace Holder: Simple to use, can pose a variety of actions, bracket and doll neck screw hard connection, applicable to a wide range of dolls, 130-175CM height dolls, dolls within 50KG can be used. (Recommended for dolls with standing function)
  • Bracket weight: 6kg
  • Support rod adjusting screws: 2


  • Adjustable rod: 201 stainless steel material, 25mm 0.6 thick outer tube, 22mm 1.2 thick inner tube (201 is stronger than 304, and it will not rust after drying in time).
  • Square base: 201 stainless steel and homogeneous steel plate, 5.6mm thick, with four sponge pads underneath the base to protect the ground from scratching. The size is 30cm*40cm with a rounded base, which protects the sex doll from scratching and abrasions.
  • Saddle: Homogeneous steel plate.
  • Saddle cover: the upper three layers and the lower two layers of plush white thick cotton cloth; the cloth is not dyeable.


  • It is recommended to use sex dolls with a standing function. Before purchasing, please confirm whether your doll has a standing function.
  • Due to the different diameters of the upper and lower tubes, there will be slight deformation after tightening, which does not affect normal use.


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