Size Chart
Material: Medical-grade Silicone
Height: 5.09 ft / 159 cm
Shoulder Width: 10.22 inch / 26 cm
Bust: 31.44 inch / 80 cm / C-Cup
Waist: 22.79 inch / 58 cm
Hip: 34.19 inch / 87 cm
Mouth: 6.29 inch / 16 cm
Anus Depth: 6.29 inch / 16 cm
Vagina: 6.68 inch / 17 cm
Functions / Features: Mouth, Vaginal, Anal
Weight: 94.6 lb /43kg
Brands: AF Doll

Introducing Elliott, the 5.09ft Full Silicone Real Sex Doll designed to fulfill your deepest desires and fantasies. This stunning Chinese girl is here to captivate you with her grace and beauty. With her slim body, delicate face, and light green halter dress, Elliott is a vision of elegance and sensuality.

Elliott’s background as an only child adds a layer of mystery and allure to her persona. She possesses a unique charm that is both alluring and irresistible. Her dance moves are mesmerizing, as she effortlessly glides across the floor, enticing you with every step.

Crafted from premium full silicone material, Elliott offers a lifelike experience that is unparalleled. Her skin feels incredibly real to the touch, mimicking the softness and warmth of human skin. With every interaction, you’ll be amazed at the level of realism and satisfaction she provides.

Elliott, the 159cm Premium Real Sex Doll, is more than just a doll. She’s a companion, a confidante, and a partner in your sexual fantasies. Whether you’re looking for a passionate dance partner or a sensual encounter, Elliott is ready to fulfill your desires.

Experience the ultimate in a sexual fantasy with Elliott, the 43kg Full Silicone Real Sex Doll. Her Chinese heritage, dance skills, and delicate features make her the perfect companion for those seeking a unique and satisfying experience.

Elliott is more than just a sex doll; she’s a fantasy come to life. Indulge in the pleasure and intimacy she offers, and let your desires run wild with this captivating and realistic beauty.

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These Are Real Reviews From Shoppers

  1. Mircea

    Mircea (verified owner)

    is the most beautiful face of the doll, if the hairstyle, the mouth and the whole face are like in the picture, but the halo body and the vagina are beautiful pink

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