Size Chart
Material: Medical-grade Silicone
Height: 5.44 ft / 170 cm
Shoulder: 43cm / 16.90 inch
Bust: 91cm / 35.76 inch
Underbust: 83cm / 32.62 inch
Waist: 72cm / 28.30 inch
Hips: 95cm / 37.34 inch
Thigh length: 52cm / 20.44 inch
Thigh circumference: 51cm / 20.04 inch
Low leg length: 50cm / 19.65 inch
Calf circumference: 33cm / 12.97 inch
Upperarm length: 35cm / 13.76 inch
Upper arm girth: 32cm / 12.58 inch
Forearm length: 25cm / 9.83 inch
forearm girth: 20cm / 7.86 inch
Feet: 24cm / 9.43 inch
Vagina/Penis Length: 17cm / 6.68 inch
Anus: 17cm / 6.68 inch
Weight: 38kg / 83.60 lb
Brands: Irontech Doll

Introducing Jack, the 170cm/5ft7 Irontech Silicone Love Dolls For Women. This doll is designed to cater to the desires and fantasies of women, offering a unique and fulfilling experience. With its impressive features and customizable options, Jack is sure to exceed your expectations.

Jack is a charismatic and intriguing character, embodying the persona of a mafia bigot who enjoys a good drink. With his dominant nature and strong body, this doll exudes power and confidence, making him the perfect companion for those seeking a thrilling and passionate encounter.

One of Jack’s standout features is his well-endowed physique, boasting a big dick that is sure to provide immense pleasure and satisfaction. This feature adds an extra level of excitement and intensity to your intimate moments, ensuring that your desires are fully fulfilled.

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Sex dolls, like Jack, can bring about sexual fulfillment and pleasure. They provide a safe and consensual way to explore and fulfill your sexual fantasies and desires. Whether you’re looking to spice up your intimate life or embark on new sexual experiences, a sex doll can be a valuable tool in your journey of self-discovery and pleasure.

To ensure the longevity and cleanliness of your doll, we provide detailed maintenance and care instructions. These instructions will guide you on how to properly clean and store your doll, ensuring that it remains in pristine condition for years to come. Taking care of your doll is essential for a long-lasting and enjoyable experience.

In conclusion, Jack, the 170cm/5ft7 Irontech Silicone Love Dolls For Women, is a captivating and powerful companion that is designed to fulfill all your fantasies. With his mafia bigot persona, dominant nature, and impressive features, Jack is sure to provide an unforgettable experience. Take advantage of our discount, check Social Reviews, and invest in Jack to embark on a journey of pleasure and exploration.

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