Size Chart
Material: Medical-grade TPE
Height: 90cm(35.4in)
Width: 52cm20.5in)
Thickness: 30cm(11.8cm)
Shoulder: 37cm(14.6in)
Breast:: 73cm(28.7in)
Waist: 53cm((20.9in)
Vagina: 18cm
Anus: 15cm
Hip: 93cm(36.6in)
N.W: 27.3kg(60LB)
G.W: 31.3kg(69LB)
Carton Size : 94*42*32cm

Indulge in the ultimate pleasure with the Masturbation Doll: Torso for Ultimate Pleasure. This life-size masterpiece is designed to fulfill your deepest desires and provide an unparalleled experience that will leave you breathless.

The Masturbation Doll is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a lifelike and realistic encounter. The pink areola adds a touch of sensuality, inviting you to explore and indulge in your wildest fantasies. This torso is a versatile companion, offering a range of poses that allow you to explore different angles and positions for maximum pleasure.

One of the standout features of this doll is its easy storage capability. When your intimate session comes to an end, simply store the doll away until your next encounter. Its compact design ensures that it can be discreetly tucked away, ready for your pleasure whenever you desire.

The Masturbation Doll comes adorned with white panties, adding an extra layer of allure and excitement. These panties enhance the visual appeal and provide a tantalizing glimpse of what awaits beneath.

With no head or feet, the focus is solely on the areas that matter most to you. This intentional design choice allows for a more immersive experience, where you can fully immerse yourself in the pleasure and explore your deepest sexual fantasies without distraction.

The Masturbation Doll: Torso for Ultimate Pleasure is the perfect companion for those seeking a high-quality, versatile, and discreet pleasure doll. Its life-size design, pink areola, customizable poses, easy storage, and enticing white panties make it a top choice for individuals who crave the ultimate pleasure experience.

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