Size Chart
Material: Medical-grade TPE
Length: 34.58 inch / 88cm
Width: 12.59 inch / 31.97cm
Bust: 10.24 inch / 26cm / E-Cup
Waist: 14.17 inch / 36cm
Hip: 11.42 inch / 29cm
Penis Length: 6.69Inch / 17cm
Thick Penis: 1.37 Inch / 3.5cm
Weight: 15.40 lb / 7kg

Whatever you want, Mildred can make it happen. She has maximum impact and double suction technology for extra fun. E-Cup breast size, like a real woman when you run your hands over her, addictive once stimulated, whether in the bedroom or elsewhere, Mildred is at your beck and call! Apply plenty of lube to fulfill your fantasies, and ultimately, our goal is to help you on your sexual discovery journey by providing the right toys for the best experience – be sure to take advantage of all the advice provided here and have fun in the process!

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