Size Chart
  • Height : 160cm/5.24ft
  • Bust : 100cm/39.4inch
  • Waist : 49cm/19.29inch
  • Hips : 89cm/35.04inch
  • Weight : 39kg/85.98lb
  • Arm Length : 63cm/24.80inch
  • Leg Length : 77cm/30.31inch
  • Feet Length : 22cm/8.66inch
  • Shoulder Width : 35cm/13.77inch
  • Mouth Depth : 10cm/3.94inch
  • Vagina Depth : 22cm/8.66inch
  • Anal Depth : 18cm/7.08inch

Olivia premium curvy TPE sex doll is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an ideal woman with desirable features like big curves and juicy huge breasts. From the photos, you can clearly see that she perfectly resembles a real woman and that her vagina and anus feel realistic during sex: all three of her sex holes have been carefully crafted, and Olivia’s face is such that you’ll be instantly aroused the moment you see it. Banging her from behind, doggy-style is guaranteed to satisfy you for the rest of the night, at least until morning comes and Olivia wakes up with an even more impressive happy smile!

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These Are Real Reviews From Shoppers

  1. Harry

    Harry (verified owner)

    High quality,fast shipping,

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  2. Pat



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  3. Kirsten

    Kirsten (verified owner)

    Very nice doll! I just love her! Soft and silky. very nice feel. and therefore the customer service is simply awesome! i might definitely buy another doll from them.

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  4. Harley

    Harley (verified owner)

    Yes she was what I ordered

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  5. Gisele

    Gisele (verified owner)

    I consulted several shops before purchasing, but only this shop responded the fastest and was very professional. It showed me many real factory photos of dolls to help me choose them correctly. Thank you very much for this shop. I have Followed this store.

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  6. Gia


    I bought an L model doll. it’s a lubricant for my wife and that i . we’ll roll in the hay him once we sleep.

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  7. Hector


    The first time I received it. I was very surprised. It was so beautiful, the hair was very supple, it was definitely a very good companion at night, Quality is really good. I hope my opinions can help people who want to buy it.

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  8. Alana

    Alana (verified owner)

    very well worked

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  9. خبير seo

    خبير seo (verified owner)

    All matches thanks seller!

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  10. Lottie

    Lottie (verified owner)

    As shown in the picture, the quality of the packaging box is very satisfactory. There is a solid packaging box inside the packaging box with no filler to avoid damage to the product. It did take some time to arrive, but Covid can expect it. The packaging is still 5 stars. I suggest you ask for more pictures so that you can see the doll as it is, without clothes and extras. The seller is very friendly and would be happy to provide you with pictures. Props for them. The product is as mentioned above, high-quality doll. Move joints and can stand upright. It feels great, with extras. I only have trembling toes (although my fingers can move.) But that’s just my fault. Very friendly and can provide you with answers to any questions. All in all, it is strongly recommended to buy. Very clear.

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