Size Chart
  • Height : 163cm/5.34ft
  • Bust : 84cm/33.07inch
  • Waist : 54cm/21.25inch
  • Hips : 93.5cm/36.81inch
  • Weight : 44kg/97.00lb
  • Arm Length : 63cm/24.80inch
  • Leg Length : 84cm/33.07inch
  • Feet Length : 21.5cm/8.46inch
  • Shoulder Width :33cm/12.99inch
  • Mouth Depth :13cm/5.11inch
  • Vagina Depth :17cm/6.69inch
  • Anal Depth :16cm/6.29inch

Premium is a playful lady who is very accepting of the men who come to see her because it’s fun. Every day, she comes home and spends hours sculpting her body, making sure she is near perfect in every way. All it takes to get the attention she deserves is for a man to lock eyes with Premium’s thighs and vice versa. Take a look at her plump lips and you’ll see why men love her so much, her lips look so soft and inviting enough for you to kiss for as long as you can imagine. Since Premium is such an attractive curvy sex doll, you should strongly consider taking her home!

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  1. Karsyn

    Karsyn (verified owner)

    It is really silicone, cheap and affordable, easy to use!

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