Doll Measurements

  • Height : 162cm/5.31ft
  • Bust : 101cm/39.76inch
  • Waist : 67cm/26.37inch
  • Hips : 106cm/41.73inch
  • Weight : 50kg/110.23lb
  • Arm Length : 62cm/24.40inch
  • Leg Length : 74cm/29.13inch
  • Feet Length : 21cm/8.26inch
  • Shoulder Width : 36cm/14.17inch
  • Mouth Depth : 13cm/5.11inch
  • Vagina Depth : 18cm/7.08inch
  • Anal Depth : 16cm/6.29inch


Who doesn’t love a curvaceous woman like Ger Rochelle? This thick beauty is perfect for those who want to take their fantasies to the next level. With an ultra-hot body and incredibly realistic feel, her voluptuous figure and gorgeous girly features are unparalleled, and this plus-size premium curvy TPE sex doll stands 5 feet 31 inches tall and weighs 110 pounds, which means her curvy hourglass shape stands out among other regular sex dolls. Another benefit of owning this sexy girl is that Rochelle’s size correlates perfectly with real-life BBW-sized women, and her good looks and realism at an affordable price make her irresistible to new customers like you!

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These Are Real Reviews From Shoppers

  1. Gunner

    Received, very good. Worried about confidentiality, the whole packaging is extremely tight closed. Writing a toy. Baby is extremely realistic, feel good, send tons of things. Very real. Very satisfied with a shopping.

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  2. Conor (verified owner)

    Thank you for your fast response and delivery of my order great work

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  3. Dorine

    The logistics is fast, the quality is good, it looks real, good comment

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  4. Fred (verified owner)

    Very pleased with entire process. The doll is extremely natural looking feeling altogether respects, a really bargain

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