Size Chart
Weight (with packaging): 16kg / 35.20 lb
Basic parameters: Base: 38*53cm Wheels with 6 independent brakes
Scope of application: 120-180cm height, within 50KG, M16 interface available, need the doll’s original M16 link screws can be removed, WM, SY and other dolls with M16 interface at the body end can also be used.
Comes with accessories: With the bracket complimentary M16 interface of different card neck accessories two and a M16 universal quick release screws, WM, SY and other M16 to 8 interface dolls, after contacting the M16 to 8 link screws can be sent.
Package Size: Two bags: 60x38x12cm, 95x15x15cm

1. Can be suspended or lifting, dolls sitting on the bed or chair can be directly hung up dolls, labor-saving, easy to carry, easy to wear high heels, no standing function, soft skeleton of the doll can also be used.
2. Support m16 interface of the vast majority of dolls, van Ruijie, the United States to create people, the first letter, back hole m10, exdoll. 120-180 height dolls can be used.
3. Dolls in the bracket can be the body can be rotated left and right, the head can swing at a large angle (private chat to see the video instructions, need to use the bracket supporting m16 interface)
4. Large load-bearing, ultra-stable, industrial stainless steel plate, stainless steel parts, rust-proof welded parts made of 55kg dolls hanging available, 70kg dolls do not hang available (especially refers to the male child).

The following video is a product installation tutorial:






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