Size Chart
Material: Medical-grade TPE
Height: 5.06 ft / 158 cm
Shoulder Width: 13 inch / 33.08 cm
Bust: 35.4 inch / 90.08 cm / E-Cup
Waist: 19.7 inch / 50.13 cm
Hip: 33.1 inch / 84.22 cm
Mouth: 4.7 inch / 12 cm
Anus Depth: 5.9 inch / 15 cm
Vagina: 7.1 inch / 18 cm
Functions / Features: Mouth, Vaginal, Anal
Weight: 83.6 lb / 38kg
Brands: WM Dolls

Introducing the enchanting Tatiana 158cm High-Quality TPE Elf Sex Doll Girl, a captivating creation that will transport you to a realm of fantasy and desire. With her long pink and purple braids cascading down her back, Tatiana embodies the essence of a game girl, an elf with pointy ears, a forest guardian, and a fierce warrior woman all in one exquisite package.

Prepare to be mesmerized by Tatiana’s long white hair, flowing like a waterfall of pure elegance. Her curved body, meticulously crafted with high-quality TPE material, is a testament to the artistry and attention to detail that goes into creating a truly lifelike experience.

As you explore the depths of your imagination, Tatiana will be your loyal companion, fulfilling your deepest desires and bringing your wildest dreams to life. Whether you envision a passionate encounter in the enchanted forest or a thrilling adventure in a mythical realm, Tatiana is ready to embark on this journey with you.

Crafted with the utmost care, Tatiana’s realistic features and soft, supple skin will make you question whether she truly belongs to the realm of fantasy or if she has stepped out of your most vivid dreams. Her alluring eyes, delicately painted with intricate details, will captivate your gaze, while her luscious lips invite you to indulge in moments of pure bliss.

With Tatiana by your side, the boundaries of pleasure are limitless. Let your imagination run wild as you create unforgettable experiences with this extraordinary sex doll. Whether you seek companionship, exploration, or a passionate connection, Tatiana is here to fulfill your every desire.

Indulge in the ultimate fantasy experience with Tatiana, the 158cm High-Quality TPE Elf Sex Doll Girl. Immerse yourself in a world where dreams become reality, and let Tatiana be the muse that ignites your deepest passions. Embrace the magic and embark on an unforgettable journey with this enchanting companion.

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