Size Chart
Weight (with packaging): 1kg / 2.20 lb
Basic parameters: Two heights: Tall model total height 27CM, base diameter 12CM, short model 15CM, base diameter 10CM.
Function: The doll head holder supports quick-draw and direct insertion for use, and can be replaced with a variety of interfaces for convenience.
Comes with accessories: Interface can choose m16 to m8 (man-made people optional) m16 to m10 (ex optional), m16 to m12, m16 to m14 (cenaxin, star art), m16 threaded screws.
Package Size: Tall model: 15cm diameter, 280cm height cylinder.
Short version: 12cm diameter, 150cm height column.

Dust rack Height 184 cm, length 85 cm, width 55 cm, all brackets available

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