Size Chart
Material: Medical-grade Full Silicone
Height: 5.18 ft / 162 cm
Shoulder Width: 15.72 inch / 40 cm
Bust: 31.44 inch / 80 cm / B-Cup
Waist: 25.55 inch / 65 cm
Hip: 33.41 inch / 85 cm
Mouth: 7.07 inch / 18 cm
Anus Depth: 5.9 inch / 15 cm
Vagina: 7.07 inch / 18 cm
Functions / Features: Mouth, Vaginal, Anal
Weight: 110 lb / 50kg
Brands: Irontech Doll

Introducing the Lilian Premium Real Sex Doll: Your Companion in Passionate Realism

Indulge in the ultimate lifelike experience with our Lilian Premium Real Sex Doll. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this mature young woman boasts an exquisite blend of features designed to captivate and fulfill your deepest desires.


  1. Mature Elegance: Lilian embodies the allure of a mature woman, exuding confidence and sophistication.
  2. Enchanting Appearance: With long blonde hair, captivating blue eyes, and a slim body adorned in a stylish short purple dress, Lilian is a vision of sensuality.
  3. Diverse Options: Customize your experience with optional eyes and an automatic vaginal clamping function, ensuring your doll is tailored to your unique preferences.

Irresistible Details:

  1. Dark Skin and Thick Lips: Lilian’s dark skin and luscious, thick lips add a touch of exotic charm to your intimate moments.
  2. Realistic Anatomy: Our sex dolls are crafted with anatomical precision, providing an authentic and immersive encounter that mirrors reality.

Enhance Your Pleasure:

  1. Cure and Improve: Beyond the physical allure, Lilian is designed to contribute to your overall well-being. Experience potential benefits such as stress relief, improved mood, and enhanced sexual function.
  2. Confidence Boost: For those new to sexual experiences or feeling anxious, our sex dolls offer a safe and private space for practice, helping build confidence and comfort.

Engage with our Community:

  1. Forum Discussion: Join our vibrant community to share experiences, tips, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Gain insights into maximizing your satisfaction with Lilian.
  2. Exclusive Discount: Share your shopping experience and receive a 5% discount on your next purchase. Your satisfaction is our priority.

For Whom? Perfect for individuals inexperienced in sexual intercourse or those seeking a discreet avenue to explore and enjoy their fantasies, Lilian provides a safe and judgment-free space for self-discovery.

In conclusion, the Lilian Premium Real Sex Doll transcends traditional expectations, offering a refined and personalized experience. Elevate your intimate moments with a companion that understands and fulfills your desires. Embrace passion, confidence, and the pursuit of pleasure with Lilian.

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