Size Chart
Material: Medical-grade TPE
Height: 5.12 ft / 160 cm
Shoulder Width: 10.22 inch / 26 cm
Bust: 31.44 inch / 80 cm / F-Cup
Waist: 22.79 inch / 58 cm
Hip: 34.19 inch / 87 cm
Mouth: 5.9 inch / 15 cm
Anus Depth: 6.29 inch / 16 cm
Vagina: 7.07 inch / 18 cm
Functions / Features: Mouth, Vaginal, Anal
Weight: 116.6 lb / 53kg
Brands: JX DOLL

Introducing the Pearl 5.12ft Premium TPE Silicone Head Lifelike Sex Doll – a Cute Japanese Girl that will fulfill your deepest desires. This exquisite doll is designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a lifelike experience that will leave you breathless.

With her stunning purple dress and captivating gaze, Pearl is a true vision of beauty. Her long black hair cascades down her back, adding to her allure. Whether you prefer a demure governess or a seductive temptress, Pearl can transform to suit your desires. Choose from a variety of hairstyles and colors to perfectly complement her facial features.

But Pearl is more than just a pretty face. She is a married woman with two children, harboring a secret desire for financial stability. This doll understands the importance of discretion and will keep your encounters private. Her pink areola adds a touch of realism, enhancing the intimate experience.

Pearl’s long black hair is not only visually stunning but also serves a practical purpose. It can help prolong ejaculation, allowing you to savor every moment of pleasure. Additionally, her responsive customer service team ensures that any queries or concerns will be addressed promptly via email within 24 hours.

Don’t forget to enhance your experience with our recommended extra purchase accessories – Heating Rods. These innovative rods can be used to warm up the doll, bringing her body temperature closer to reality. You can use them to heat up her eyes, mouth, or other replaceable body parts, further immersing yourself in the lifelike experience.

Rest assured, Pearl has received rave reviews from satisfied customers. Her impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail have garnered praise, making her a top choice for those seeking the ultimate pleasure.

For those who desire a touch of uniqueness, freckles are available as an optional feature. These delicate specks add a charming and realistic touch to Pearl’s flawless complexion.

In conclusion, the Pearl 5.12ft Premium TPE Silicone Head Lifelike Sex Doll is a captivating Japanese girl who will fulfill your wildest fantasies. With her stunning appearance, choice of hairstyles and colors, and practical features like prolonged ejaculation, she is sure to provide an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring Pearl into your life and indulge in the ultimate pleasure.

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