Size Chart
  • Height : 157cm/5.15ft
  • Bust : 67m/26.37inch
  • Waist : 48cm/18.89inch
  • Hips : 77cm/30.31inch
  • Weight : 29kg/63.93lb
  • Arm Length : 47cm/18.50inch
  • Leg Length : 82cm/32.28inch
  • Feet Length : 18cm/7.08inch
  • Shoulder Width : 30m/11.81inch
  • Mouth Depth : 13cm/5.11inch
  • Vagina Depth : 18cm/7.08inch
  • Anal Depth : 17cm/6.69inch

With gorgeous wheat skin, tiny cuties (B cups), and incredible curves, Stefanie is the girl you’ve always dreamed of spending your wildest fantasies with. Dressed in her signature long black hair, sexy blue lingerie, and heartbreaking smile, this Premium Lifelike Sex Doll will be the closest thing to inviting a kindly music queen to bed! As if that wasn’t enough, Stefanie prides herself on looking as realistic as possible, so you’ll feel like you might as well have sex with a real woman because she really does feel like one! will be your new wild child, in addition to sharing her music and spending long nights with you. Her vaginal area is designed to wrap around you like real flesh; in addition to relieving pressure on other parts below, she is strong enough that certain body parts won’t come off at any time. Feedback from people who’ve used her at home is that it feels very realistic!

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These Are Real Reviews From Shoppers

  1. Kylan


    The doll is light, so it’s convenient to maneuver her to the space upstairs.

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