Size Chart
Material: Medical-grade TPE
Height: 2.72 ft / 85cm
Hip: 27.12 inch / 69cm
Vagina: 5.50 inch / 14 cm
Anal: 4.72 inch / 12cm
Waist: 20.04 inch / 51cm
Weight: 26.40 lb / 12kg

This Traci 85 cm / 2ft9 Premium Sex Doll Torso Fat Leg comes with a sturdy internal frame to keep her legs stable while you make love to her. This is also a great feature as it makes the torso very easy to maneuver and transport. The legs are designed with fun in mind: you can take her to any number of places and not embarrass anyone nearby because they’re secured to anything! You’ll think of all sorts of relaxing places where you can let your Torso Fat Leg doll loose for some wild times to do all sorts of fun things to her: from sliding your hands over her soft curves to grabbing her thighs and wiggling her toes – two things you’ve always wanted to do, but due to the need for then two free hands and can’t do it. With this doll, all your fantasies are within reach!

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